The best waist trainer for men revealed

The best waist trainer for men is here.

Waist trainers are often viewed as a women’s product (thanks, Kardiashians), but more and more men are wearing them. Why? Several reasons, including reducing love handles and gut paunch, and improving posture (nothing is more manly than good posture, it gives a guy a bit of extra charisma, don’t you think?).

FeelinGirl Men’s Tummy Control Steel Boned Waist Trainer

best waist trainer for men
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Guys, don’t mind the name! FeelinGirl create popular waist trainers for men, too. They’re among the top rated on Amazon so don’t be put off.

Fabric: Rubber outer, with steel boning. Hooks and eyes close at the front


Colors: Black

Size guide: Available in sizes from S to 6XL, there is a size available for every man, no matter what your body sculpting goal is. 44% of other purchasers report this trainer fitted as expected, and there was an even spread of those finding it ran either too small or too big. We therefore recommend you follow the FeelinGirl size chart to get the best fit.

Overall rating: 4 stars

Our Verdict

We think 4 stars is a bit mean for this high quality waist trainer for men. In actual fact, 47% of purchasers gave this trainer 5 stars, and raved about the great quality of fabrics and the differences it made to their body. The rating is brought down by the number of people giving this item a low rating for the size being off. In fact, it was hard to find any negative comments that talked about anything BUT the size! So if you get the right size (using the size chart above), we believe this trainer will give you men the 5 star performance you’re looking for from your waist trainer.

The most positive comments:

“It made me look thinner and the materials felt like good quality”

“My husband loves how it feels and I love it too”

“This helped me sweat a LOT”


The most negative comments

“It made my stomach hurt a bit”

” It was too big”

“It was too small”


Not sure if this is the waist trainer for you?

Don’t worry. There are plenty of other sculpting garnemnts available for men. We recommend you still follow this link to Amazon, scroll down past the FeelinGirl info, and see what other similar items are available. You’ll find a whole range of stuff, from other trainers, sculpting singlets, creams, and belts.  If you find a product you’d like us to write about on this site, leave us a comment and we’ll make sure we reveiw it for you.

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