Komene Waist Trainer Corset with Three Rows of Hooks

Komene Waist Trainer Corset: striking design, sturdy construction

Hot pink. Animal print. Is this Komene waist trainer not one of the hottest looking corsets you’ve ever seen?!

waist training corset reviews_Komene Waist Trainer Corset with Three Rows of Hooks Yellow Leopard
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Fabric: latex, cotton, and flexi boning.



Colors: The Komene waist trainer is available in rose red (shown –  we like to think of it more as a hot pink), yellow, and purple.

Size guide: Available in sizes from XS to 3XL. A whopping 82% of wearers report it fits as expected, which we think is quite an achievement in the waist trainer world, which is notorious for complaints of corsets running too small. The Komene goes above and beyond to make sure you get your perfect fit by offering standard or long height (perfect if you have a longer torso or are looking for extra coverage).

Overall rating: 4 stars

Our Verdict

We think 4 stars is a fair rating for this trainer. It gets lots of points for the colours and the extra mile that has been taken to ensure the wearer gets a great fit.

The most positive comments:

“I’m 44 years old and this is the only thing I’ve ever seen results with”

“the length was perfect, I didn’t get any rolls of back fat while wearing it”

“I’ve been wearing this for a couple of days and already I can see the back fat shrinking”

The most negative comments

“it was tight and wouldn’t stay clamped”

“didn’t fit properly, it was too big

“good compression, but hard to get on and off”


Not sure if this is the waist trainer for you?

Don’t worry. There are plenty of other reviews you can check out right here on the site.  You might like to check out another colorful waist trainer or something totally different.

Another alternative for you is to check out the Amazon Shapewear Shop, where you’ll have your pick of many beautiful waist trainers. If you want to find the cheapest, sort the results by “Price: Low to High”.


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