Why hello there, are you ready for your sexiest silhouette?

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My name is Emily, and I have no waist. That’s right, I’m straight as a dime through my mid-section and have always envied my more shapely friends. Whether it’s the smaller girl with the pin size waist or the curvier girl with her beautiful hourglass, I just wish I had some shape!

I’ve tried various slimming undergarnments, never with much luck. There always seemed to be skin bulging over the top here, or a lump there. I never quite got the waist I dreamed of. Then, on my wedding day, my beautiful dress had an inbuilt corset, which gave me beautiful shape (if I say so myself). This was my “lightbulb” moment that perhaps a corset was what I’d been searching for all this time. I was on my way to the holy grail of the sexy silhouette!

Waist training corsets have been de rigeur lately (that’s French for “all the rage”), and in my quest for a shapely middle, I’ve naturally been very curious.


If you’ve searched online for a waist training corset before, you will have seen a vast number of options available: quite frankly it’s overwhelming!


Some of the questions I’d wondered included:

-How do you know which one is best?

-Has that girl been photoshopped?

-Is that one even safe?!

I wanted to create this site as your one stop waist training corset shop. I’ll do all the research for you, to help you buy the best one. I’ll answer your questions about safety, and just for fun, we might add some videos of celebrities with their corsets (Kim Kardashian, I’m looking at YOU).

Enjoy the site.